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Support updating INCLUDETEXT fields New

Including text fields is a part of MS Word that allows us to reuse common components. If this feature is used, it is not able to be updated via GemBox.Document. I am not familiar with a workaround for this issue.

According to this link below you claim to be releasing more updatable field types. Is there a timeline for IncludeText fields?

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Mario at GemBox

Currently, the problem is that GemBox.Document supports only inline-level elements inside the Field, see the content model diagram:

However, note that we do plan to eventually add support for block-level elements inside the Field as well, see the following feature request:

After that is done, we'll be able to easily add support for updating INCLUDETEXT fields.
For now as a workaround, perhaps you could use something like this:

var document = DocumentModel.Load("input.docx");

foreach (var field in document.GetChildElements(true, ElementType.Field)
.Where(f => f.FieldType == FieldType.IncludeText)
string includePath = field.GetInstructionText().Trim('"');
var includeDocument = DocumentModel.Load(includePath);

bool firstSection = true;
ContentPosition position = field.Content.End;

foreach (var section in includeDocument.Sections)
position = position.InsertRange(firstSection ? section.Blocks.Content : section.Content);
firstSection = false;

var parent = field.Parent;
var parentCollection = field.ParentCollection;

if (parentCollection.Count == 0)


I hope this helps.


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