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Support to print .docx documents on different paper trays / to apply dedicated print settings Completed

In any MS Word document one is able to define customized page layout settings for printing, i.e. select from a dedicated printer the preferred paper tray for the first page and the preferred paper tray for any other page.


GemBox.Document currently (version 2.3) doesn't support neither setting these print settings nor printing on different paper trays in general.


It would be great, if the library supports these features.

Comments (2)

Gerhard Schmidbauer
This missing feature is an absolute show stopper for us.
Mark England
I got around the issue by using Print Ticket it provides quite a few options just the base object. But if you use the printers schema you have all the printers options available. if (String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(printSchemaFile)) ticket = new PrintTicket(); else { using (FileStream printSchemaFileStream = File.OpenRead(printSchemaFile)) { ticket = new PrintTicket(printSchemaFileStream); } } PrintOptions printOptions = new PrintOptions(ticket.GetXmlStream());