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Support .NET Core Completed

The NetStandard2.0 will bring back much stuff from the full .NET Framework, which should allow porting it to be possible. Also, some limitations when running under .NET Core would be fine (like using native functionality (printing?)).

Official response

Mario at GemBox


This feature request has been implemented and is available in the latest versions of GemBox.Document.


Comments (16)

Frederick Spataro
Our web apps will mostly be Core going forward, we'll have to find some other utility if we can't use GemBox (which we love!).
Doug Rees
Any news on .NET core support now that 2.0 is released?
Mario at GemBox
Hi, I'm afraid that this feature is not in our current roadmap, so it won't be available within next few months. For later I cannot say at the moment. Regards, Mario
ibrahim surani
We have a great deal of interest in .Net Core version of Gembox. Hope you reconsider your plans.
I've searched over the internet for DOCX to PDF solution, I really would like to use GemBox, but .NET Core support is critical requirement. Without that I must search for alternative product.
We've been using gembox for over 5 years and love it. But .net core is the future of .net so I hope support comes soon or we will need to switch to another solution. Any comments on a timeline?
Mario at GemBox
Hi, Currently GemBox.Document can only be used on .NET Core applications that are built with a full .NET Framework. Nevertheless, note that we're currently working on a version of GemBox.Spreadsheet for .NET Standard. After that, we plan to work on a version of GemBox.Document for .NET Standard. However, at the moment I cannot say when it will be available. Regards, Mario
Mark O'Grady
Is this going to be supported
Mario at GemBox
Hi, Yes, we are currently working on this. GemBox.Document for .NET Standard should be available within a month or two. Regards, Mario
It only works for DocX, but generating Pdf, like most comments above, is not supported. Will this be supported in the near future?
Mario at GemBox
Hi, We do plan to add support for the rendering engine in .NET Standard as well. But, I'm afraid this will not be available any time soon, this is not in our current road-map so it won't be done this year. Regards, Mario
James Moring
Mario please clarify what is and is not working between the .NET Full Framework version and the .NET Standard version. Am I to understand that saving a DOCX to PDF is not supported?
Mario at GemBox
Hi, Yes as mentioned in previous comments, the .NET Standard version currently does not support saving to PDF. Please refer to the following help page: Also, feel free to vote for this feature request on the following page: Regards, Mario
Stuart Denne
Hi Mario, has support for saving to PDF made it to the product roadmap yet? This is becoming a significant issue for us - it would be great to have at least a timeline so we can make the decision on whether we need to investigate alternatives.
Mario at GemBox
Hi, Unfortunately no, support for saving to PDF in .NET Standard is not in our current roadmap. So, I'm afraid we don't have plans for it in the current year, for later I cannot say at this moment. Last, you may vote for this feature request on the following link: Regards, Mario
Mario at GemBox
Hi, Related feature request (cross-platform support for saving to PDF) has been implemented as well and is available in the latest versions of GemBox.Document. Regards, Mario