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Support internal and external CSS in HTML - Community / GemBox.Document Feature Request - GemBox Support Center

Previously, my coworker spoke to you on this. He conveyed that GB.Doc does not seem to respect css padding when exporting to pdf. Just as he did before, I have tried to export to pdf using the GB.Doc Word editor using html code, however the styling was ignored. The editor displays the code properly, however the exported pdf does not. Here is the code I tried with the editor. <div ><div ></div>test1<div >test2</div></div> <div ><div ></div>test1<div >test2</div></div> <div ><div ></div>test1<div >test2</div></div>  Each line should generate something that looks different, however it is all the same.

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Mario - GemBox

This feature request has been implemented and is available in latest versions of GemBox.Document.


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