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Support for VBA macros Completed

Add support for adding and removing macros in Excel files.

Please feel free to write in the comments below if you need additional support, like executing.

Official response

Mario at GemBox


This feature request has been implemented and is available in the latest versions of GemBox.Spreadsheet.


Comments (3)

Benjamin Adcock
We have a need in bulk to import the exported macro file ".bas" into many excel files, i know this ticket was published a year ago, but would be handy if there is some macro support for addition/remove of macros into excel files
Mario at GemBox
Hi Benjamin, Unfortunately, this feature is not in our current roadmap so it won't be available any time soon. Hopefully, we'll work on it in the next roadmap, but current I'm afraid it's hard for me to say anything for sure. Anyway, note that we will update this feature request status to ONGOING when we start working on in. So, please feel free to subscribe to it in order to be notified when that happens. Regards, Mario
Benjamin Adcock
Mario, Thanks for your comment, i know this post has been out for a while, and with less comments and upvotes could see why it isnt higher priority. I came across it as before submitting other feature/support requests, thought id check if anyone had asked before, and to upvote some others. Look forward to see the ONGOING status - some point in the future Regards Benjamin