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Support for saving to image format in .NET Standard 2.0 New

GemBox.Pdf  for .NET Standard 2.0 does not support image saving.

Environment: .NET 5 running with a Docker

Add cross-platform support for this feature with the .NET Standard version of GemBox.Pdf.

Comments (10)

Mike Card
I have an urgent need for the ability to convert PDF pages to images and save to files in a .NET 6 or .NET Standard 2.0 project that will be hosted in Azure App Service too. If this is not possible using GemBox then we will need to find and pay for another 3rd party product to perform this function because we have very tight timeline to deliver into production by August 1st. Thanks, Mike
Mario at GemBox
Hi Mike, we do plan to add cross-platform support for saving to image format. But I'm afraid that won't be available by August 1st. Regards, Mario
Hi Mario, We are in need of saving document to image as well. Is this update available? We are on Linux w/ Gembox.Document v3.3. Thanks, Allan
Mario at GemBox
Hi Allan, this feature is still not available. However, note that we do plan to introduce this feature in the next roadmap. But at the moment I don’t have any release date to share.
Hi, Any news on this? Do you have an estimated release date ? Thanks, Nico
Mario at GemBox
Hi Nico, I'm afraid that we haven't started working on this just yet. So I don't have any released date to share at the moment.
Hi, Any new news on this? Is there an estimated release date?
Mario at GemBox
Unfortunately, nothing has changed. We're still working on some other features with greater priority.
Russ Sherlock
Currently evaluating your product... it's a non-starter without a Save option for DotNet Standard 2.0 - any idea of progress?
Mario at GemBox
Hi Russ, we're currently working on this feature request. But at the moment, I don't have any release date to share.

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