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GemBox.Document support generating only standard PDF files.

Request for supporting a PDF/A file format so that we can generate or convert input files into an output PDF/A format.

Official response

Mario at GemBox


This feature request has been implemented and is available in the latest versions of GemBox.Document.


Comments (6)

Dane Kasper
Does PDF/A support vector images?
Mario at GemBox
Hi, Yes PDF/A supports vector images, just like the regular PDF does. But unfortunately GemBox.Document currently does not convert vector image formats to PDF vector graphics (but rather to PNG). However if/when GemBox.Document does add support for this conversion, it will be available for both PDF and PDF/A format (after support for it has been implemented). Regards, Mario
Mark Bajema
It would be great if GemBox Document supported Tagged PDF documents and included auto-tagging based on headings, etc. as it is converted from Word/HTML. Also necessary is access to other settings like the ability to set the initial view of the PDF to make a fully accessible PDF. Mark Bajema Emergent Software
John Rickard
In particular it would be great to create a PDF/A-1b compliant PDF file.
Hey GemBox-Team, are here any news about PDF/A? I would like to use this. Nico
Mario at GemBox
Hi, I'm afraid there is no news regarding PDF/A support. This feature is not in our current road-map so it won't be available this year and for later I cannot say at the moment. Regards, Mario