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Support embedded Word Fonts New

When saving a Word document (docx) there is an option to embed Fonts in the file.

When loading and saving a Word document via Gembox.Document this embedded font is preserved - perfect.

However when saving to a PDF file, for example, the embedded font is lost. It would be great if this embedded font can flow through to the PDF file as an embedded font - so the PDF is correctly formatted.

Comments (5)

Mark Flemans
Is this feature now supported?
Mario at GemBox
Hi, Unfortunately no, this feature is still not available. Also, I'm afraid we don't have plans for it in the current road-map, so it won't be available this year, for later I cannot say. Regards, Mario
What is the current status for this subject? Can we expect this in the (near) future? (or PDF/a support, as it supports embedding fonts as well)
Mario at GemBox
Hi, I'm afraid there are still no plans for it, so it won't be done in near future. Regarding the PDF/A, it is already supported. Also, I'm not sure what you meant by it, note that GemBox.Document has always embedded fonts in PDF files. Regards, Mario
Seth Soffer
I would like embedded font support for presentation (PPTX).

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