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Refreshing pivottable's datasource - Community / GemBox.Spreadsheet Feature Request - GemBox Support Center


Refreshing pivottable's datasource Ongoing

I using an excel template with pivot table (crosstab report).

In this example,, I can not find any methods to perform an action like refreshing data of pivot table (I used named range like data source). I'm looking for an feature can be support in this case. 

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Has this feature been implemented?
I have same problem to refresh PivotTables already in an Excel file I'm feeding with data using GemBox. After finished to write new data I need to refresh PivotTables content.
Mario at GemBox

Unfortunately no, this feature is still missing.

GemBox.Spreadsheet currently does not provide the functionality to calculate the actual data of the Pivot Table.
Microsoft Excel application will refresh the Pivot Table when the output Excel file is opened.


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