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.NET PDF Viewer Ongoing

Consider Adding a .Net PDF Viewer to the PDF module.

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Sanford Yoder
I also wish you would give this consideration. Most online comments regarding the question of how to display a pdf to a user will advise using the webbrowser control, but this is a horrible experience. When you do that, Adobe Reader (if its installed, and it often is) will run in the webbrowser control, and then will not release the file handle when the webbrowser control opens the next file. This makes it impossible to rename files, or merge them using gembox pdf, for example. See for the reason. Apparently Adobe Reader will continue running "for several minutes"! I really like your pdf control, REALLY wishing that you had an activex control to go with it. I would buy it in a heartbeat. There are no good, reasonably priced options out there.

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