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Include images when converting PDF to image Completed

Currently, it looks like when using GemBox.Document and saving a PDF as an image, only the text is rendered to the image. No image content is rendered. For example, screenshots that were embedded into the PDF.

Official response

Mario at GemBox


This feature request has been implemented and is available in the latest versions of GemBox.Pdf.


Comments (3)

Mario at GemBox
Hi, Note, even though GemBox.Document supports reading PDF files, its PDF reader is still in "beta" and has limitations. The current implementation of PDF reader does not provide high fidelity and it's not intended for such usage; it's not intended for converting PDF files to images. Please read the "Support level for reading PDF format (beta)" section on the following help page: Nevertheless, note that we do intend to add support for this requirement in our other component, in GemBox.Pdf. At the moment I cannot say when it'll be available, we're currently working on support for printing PDF in GemBox.Pdf. Last, in long term, we plan to replace the current implementations of both PDF reader (beta) and PDF writer in GemBox.Document with a new implementation contained in GemBox.Pdf without changing the public API of GemBox.Document. Regards, Mario
Thanks Mario for the prompt reply. I look forward to the updated GemBox.Pdf when it becomes available.
Awesome! Thanks Mario, I will check it out.