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Further Chart Support Completed

a) Support for editing chart components styles (font, font size, color etc.)

b) Save single chart with chart component styles intact

Official response

Mario at GemBox


This feature request has been implemented and is available in the latest versions of GemBox.Spreadsheet.


Comments (8)

Armaghan Mallik
Also, please add support for coloring the different plot points inside of charts. In excel this is accessible from right-click on bar and selecting fill options to change colors.
Thomas Brown
I'd also like to see background images in a chart preserved when saving XLSX to PDF
Dean Kopesky
We would particularly like support for setting chart series line color and weight.
We would like to have functionality to change the legend colors. Also, I have values from 0- 10 on X axis and 0-20 on Y axis. So here 0 appears twice, one on X and other on y-axis. Can we have a functionality where 0 appears only once i.e. one 0 for both x and y axis.
Robert D Epps
Please add support for adding data labels and as many formatting options as possible to replicate existing Excel functionality
Alex Kreis
Need to be able to set color of chart lines or bar graphs please.
David Aggeler
DataBars as formatting rules would help me a lot. It helps to avoid many sheets with different graphs. DataBars in Pivot Tables is then the ultimate analyzing tool.
Please add support for retaining line chart colors when exporting to pdf.