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Cross-platform support for saving to PDF (Linux, macOS) Completed

Add cross-platform support for saving DocumentModel to PDF on Linux or macOS.

Official response

Mario at GemBox


This feature request has been implemented and is available in the latest versions of GemBox.Document.

You can read more about this release on the following blog post:


Comments (10)

We are looking for a component to work with AWS Lambda function and we can't use this one because DocumentModel.Save method doesn't support saving to a memory stream or stream object for PDF files. We can still move forward if this is to be added in next 2-3 months.
Mario at GemBox
Hi, Note, this is our long-term goal and we are progressively working on it (a cross-platform PDF support). But I'm afraid this will require more time than a few months. Currently, I don't have any release date to share, but if I had to guess I would say that a year of development is a closer estimate than that. Regards, Mario
Jonathan Allen
Please oh please, this is a big deal. All server-side development is .net core on linux going forward, we need to be able to generate GemBox PDFs using .net core on linux.
Mario at GemBox
Hi, We plan to release cross-platform support for saving to PDF within a month. Regards, Mario
Nicola Pfister
Hello there How is this feature coming along? Do you have any information, on the dependencies of your possible implementation? Like if there is a dependency to System.Drawing or similar for image processing? I've known this to cause issues in certain environments. Best Nicola
Mario at GemBox
Hi, We're at the final stages of implementation, after which we'll conduct some testing. In short, we're hoping to release this feature before the end of February. Also, System.Drawing dependency will remain for image processing, at least for now. There should be no other dependency. Regards, Mario
Jochen Jonckheere
Hi Mario, Any update on this feature? Regards, Jochen
Mario at GemBox
Hi, Yes, we have successfully implemented a new cross-platform PDF writer. The official release will be done at the beginning of the following week. Regards, Mario
Emmanuel LALANNE
Great ! I assume that means we can remove the framework reference to windows desktop ?
Mario at GemBox
Hi, Yes, you can now remove the framework reference. See our updated ASP NET Core example: Regards, Mario