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Chart Design Greater Control Completed

Right now the background of the chart area cannot accept a fill. Also the line-charts do not have the option of showing the data-points, this would be a nice feature along with being able to control the style.

Official response

Mario at GemBox


The support for data points has been added, you can show them by using LineChart.ShowMarkers method.
Also, each series has LineChartSeries.Marker property with which you can specify the type and the size of the data point.
Regarding the support for styling and formatting, this feature is tracked in the "Further Chart Support" feature request.


Comment (1)

Prashant Goel
Before we can proceed to use this tool, we need the pdf conversion feature to be able to convert complex charts. Currently, when an XLSX file containing a complex chart is converted to a PDF, the chart loses most of it's design elements.